katiaroundpicKatia Nazmutdinova

CEO and Founder

PhD in Genetics

Experience in kidney disease modelling and the use of patient-specific cells for personalised medicine. Works on device development, customer development and product commercialisation.


Zoltán Kis


PhD in Bioengineering roundZK

Experience in development of biomedical research tools and devices, cellular assays, synthetic biology, microfluidics and techno-economic analysis. Works on device development and business strategy



We are passionate about advancing the speed and quality of research into personalised medicine. We have advisors from world leading university who share our passion and bring key expertise in stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, biobanking and kidney disease.



Product Advisors

Natalie Grefenstetteroundnat

Chemistry advisor

PhD in Organic Chemistry

Specialised in systems chemistry and aqueous organic chemistry