15th June 2018 – “Innovators to watch from TLA’s HealthTech Innovator conference”

Article, Pharmaceutical technology

29th May 2018 – “CEO Natalie and CSO Katia of Encelo Lab, Discuss Developing Tools to Have Greater Access to Personalized Medicine”

Podcast, Learning with Lowell

21st March 2018 – “Primary Cells & Personalised medicine”

Short video interview for Rebelbio

22nd Janurary 2018 – “RebelBio and Imperial College London join forces to accelerate the next generation of life sciences startups”

Article, Imperial Incubator

18th Janurary 2018 – “Meet the 10 Promising Synbio Startups in RebelBio’s London Cohort”

Article, Labiotech



12th June 2018 – Healthtech Innovator Conference

Short talk

24th April 2018 – A New Era in Regenerative Medicine

Final talk